Reach, reach and more reach

This is precisely what you’ll get when advertising with Bluefin Media. Since our inception in 2003, we've achieved phenomenal growth and penetration among brand advertisers. With 70+ million unique visitors, 2.5 billion page views, and 4 billion ad impressions, it’s no wonder why top brands dedicate ad dollars to our engaging network of sites. From banner and video display advertising, to custom integration opportunities, we offer a full range of capabilities to meet your specific brand goals. The Bluefin Media Network consists of owned and operated lifestyle websites, as well as a selective extended network of publishers, that together represent the "best of web" content appealing to the wide ranging interests of influential, young consumers.

Engaged Users

Each Bluefin Media visitor spends almost eight minutes per visit, and comes back at least three to four times per month. Prolonged exposure on a repetitive basis allows advertisers to connect with users on a deeper level, and affords the opportunity to deliver multiple messages to ensure brand recognition.

Advertising Opportunities

Whether site-specific or network-wide, Bluefin Media Digital offers a full range of turnkey advertising opportunities designed to meet your brand expectations, including:

Standard Units

• Silver Unit
• Custom Reskin
• Leaderboard 728 x 90
• Large Rectangle 300 x 600
• Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
• Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600

Non-Standard Units

• Pre-Roll Video
• Push-Down Unit
• Overlay
• Floater
• Interstitial

Custom Units

Rich Media / Rising Star Units

Rising Star Units




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