Our Mission.

B Liquid is a full-service in-house marketing and creative agency that supports all of Bluefin Media’s owned and operated properties. We are also responsible for developing innovative online campaigns and integrated brand experiences to relevant audiences across these properties. That's not all. We offer integrated on and off-line marketing, advertising, promotional and design services to create maximum value, brand awareness and measurable equity to your brand. We’re a versatile team that often wears two hats at a time. However, we maintain a one-track mind that focuses solely on your brand.

Cut from a different cloth, B Liquid staff are veteran advertising, design and marketing professionals. More entrepreneurial and fast-paced than most agencies, B Liquid works closely with brands and agencies to create innovative marketing solutions that work across all media, including web, social, print, video and interactive.


Why B Liquid?

Being liquid means being flexible and open to new ideas. In today's market, this liquidity is essential to create marketing communications that are compelling, entertaining, relevant and persuasive. B Liquid captures the fluid energy in a brand promise and converts that to something tangible — an endearing and enduring brand image.



B Liquid

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