Where We’ve Been

At Bluefin Media, our mission is to empower, engage and entertain our audiences. Using innovative and proprietary technology, we identify exactly what our diverse audiences want, create compelling content based on that demand, and deliver through some of the most highly trafficked websites in the world. In fact, Quantcast rates us as one of the Top 25 Online Publishers in the U.S.

Since our inception in 2003, Bluefin Media has achieved phenomenal growth and penetration among brand advertisers. With 78+ million unique visitors, 2.5 billion page views, and 4 billion ad impressions, it’s no wonder why top brands are dedicating ad dollars to our engaging network of sites.

Previously, under the name Brand Technologies, we helped other online publishers garner attention and web-traffic. In 2003 we decided to do the same for ourselves, and with millions of viewers worldwide we've come a long way. However, our journey is just getting started: At Bluefin Media, our goal is to fundamentally change the way people enjoy online content.

Where We’re Headed

Today’s world is all about instant access, and Bluefin Media is committed to set the pace. On an internet suffering from information overload, we make it easy for audiences to find what they are looking for, right now.

No one is as committed to providing empowering, entertaining, engaging content faster than anyone else.

Informed by innovative algorithms that identify what information in demand, our editors and studios develop premier content for one of the most highly visited group of websites in the world.

All the content in the world doesn’t matter much if it doesn’t reach the people who matter most; namely, our audience. We understand our audience, their lifestyle, and their biggest need: to be "In The Know, Right Now."


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