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GossipCenter Network is a leading online destination for millions of entertainment fans who want unparalleled access to the celebrities they care about. GCN produces more news content than any other entertainment web company; on average 1,800 articles and 15,000 photos every month!

Driven by celebrity gossip and breaking Hollywood news, the GossipCenter Network provides visitors with up-to-the minute content from the world of movies, television, music and more around the clock.

We keep our visitors plugged into pop culture.


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Audiences enjoy the latest entertainment news and up-to-the minute buzz about their favorite celebrities, music, movies, television, and fashion. In addition, Gossip Center offers hundreds of celeb- centered pictures each day, with brand new stories every hour.

Celebrity Gossip

Hollywood news lovers rejoice! Celebrity-Gossip delivers the latest entertainment, music, and television news with an easy-to-access blogroll. This is the perfect site for those gossip fans who strive to be in the know, right now!

Celeb Spin

This sleek, breaking news site is perfect for the entertainment fan that enjoys getting their news through video. Celeb spin offers hundreds of celebrity gossip-inspired articles, movie clips, and exclusive daily video broadcasts through easy access on its homepage.

The Rising Hollywood

This site offers cutting-edge entertainment news surrounding the up-and-coming talent in Tinseltown.  The Rising Hollywood is the perfect place for young celebrity lovers to find up-to-date information on their favorite stars.