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Whether it’s a Chanel clutch, an Hermés scarf or the latest shades from Ray Ban, every woman wants inspiration to “up her look.” That’s the mission of Fashion First Media (FFM): to help everyday women bridge the gap between designer fashion and affordability. With over 200 original articles and how-to videos per month, we give every fashionista style and beauty advice to fit their personality and pocketbook.

From the latest trends, to the hottest new products, to style tips for any event or occasion, Fashion First Media has an eye for what's next.

Fashion First

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DIY Fashion

The anchor of FFM, provides a direct path from runway to realway. Whether it’s creating the luxe looks ladies crave for less, or showing users how to perfect their beauty routines without breaking the bank, DIY Fashion ensures every stylista stays on trend and under budget.

High Fashion Magazine

From catwalk to closet, HFM is centered on the couture-minded woman.  Fully-immersed in the ever-changing world of style and beauty, High Fashion Magazine affords users access to information previously exclusive to industry insiders.  Our goal— guaranteeing no woman ever enters a room unnoticed.

The Beauty Girl

Nicole Pearl, The Beauty Girl, is a former Beauty Editor and has written for many national publications. The Beauty Girl blog is Nicole’s exclusive insider notebook, sharing her VIP access to the latest in beauty.