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Bluefin Media has been in the online publishing industry for over eight years, with a focus on producing lifestyle content and growing our various in-house properties to over 100 million unique U.S. visitors. The key to this growth lies in three areas: knowing the audience and what content they are seeking, developing high-quality content, and then directing traffic to the published content. It’s this last discipline that sets Bluefin Media apart from most other publishers.

Although we pride ourselves on adapting to the demands of our consumers, our current focus is on the Fashion, Food, and Entertainment News verticals. In building these verticals we recognized the struggles every publisher has when dealing with restrictive, and often underpaying, Ad Networks (sometimes disguised as media companies). Fortunately, there’s a better way—when you work with us, you’ll realize that we’ve discovered it.

Bluefin Media recruits premium content publishers and helps to build the size of their brand and income. Too often, great publishers go unnoticed and are undersold. Unfortunately, a lot of great content never gets the attention it deserves and the publishers never see a return on their investment. Our goal is to change that for you.

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3 main points for potential publishers:

1) Generate Revenue:
Bluefin Media has established relationships with multiple Premium and RON Ad Networks, as well as an extensive internal sales team, dedicated to increasing the revenue of our premium publishers. We will work with you to create the most lucrative, non-invasive campaigns in order to generate significant revenue without cannibalizing your visitor. With over eight years of publishing experience, we understand the difficulties and let downs when dealing with an Ad Network who puts their best interests first. Too often, Ad Networks will take a publisher’s data in order to present potential campaigns to advertisers, only to barely fill that publishers inventory while lining their own pockets. 

2) Build an Audience
We've helped the internet evolve over the past 15 years, and we know how things work. Directing traffic to your content is no easy task. There is a reason why our wholly owned and operated sites generate over 100 million unique visitors a month in the U.S. alone. Now we are willing to share this knowledge and experience with publishers who sign up with us. We will work with our partners to drive visitors to your sites, increasing your audience and inspiring interaction through dialogue distribution, SEO and SEM. All are verified through 3rd party Adometry. Our staff will formulate a plan to increase your audience significantly within a guaranteed 90 days of signing up. 

3) Handle Tech
Why did you start producing content in the first place? Was it to handle the intense coding or the daily maintenance of an Ad Server? Or, was it to write great content for the whole world to see? You shouldn’t be bogged down with the techie side of things when Bluefin Media can handle serving your site and Ad Operations. Leave the heavy lifting to us and go create something cool for the world to see!


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